Equal Rights Ensure a Strong Society

By Dr. Isabel B. Franco (IBF) Dr. M. Mousumi (Bangladesh) and Sarvajaya Choudhury (Bangladesh)

Human rights include women’s rights, and for women to be empowered on equal grounds as men, is at the end of the day, human rights. However, we find ourselves today in a world led and dominated by men. This begins from the basic core household level and carries on up to global dominance. Women need to be given fair and equal representation in every field of life to ensure a balanced social environment. When society allows women to grow, it automatically enhances the structure of the society and its economic status. A disturbed and distressed society usually gets created out of suppressed women and dominant men. The key is equality of existence.

This newspaper article shows that it is rather difficult to obtain equal status for women in society when all the norms and rules are dictated by men. We find men and women on different payrolls for the same job performed by either, and this is no secret. Conditions are already laid down for women in society even before they can understand society. The pressure for a female on the ways of living life, beginning from home to every little step outside of it is massive. When society is afraid of loosening and letting go of the grip on its reins on women, it only reflects how weak it is.

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