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Exceptional Woman in Sustainability

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Exceptional Woman in Sustainability

Peter Mhone

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Sustainable Solutions

The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Sustainable Mining: Exploring Mining Impacts of the Kansanshi Mine in Zambia

Zambia’s Mining Industry: A Closer Look at the Corporate Approaches to Sustainable Development of Konkola and Mopani Copper Mines

Legislating Corporate Sustainable Development Agreements as a Corporate Social Responsibility Response for Mining Communities in Zambia: A Case Study of Kabwe Lead-Zinc Mine, Zambia

Legal Reforms as a Tool for Sustainable Development in Former Mining Communities: A Case Study of Kabwe Lead-Zinc Mine, Zambia

Forging Sustainable Livelihoods in Resource Regions: A Tale of Three Continents

Corporate Sustainability Performance: An Approach to Effective Sustainable Community Development or Not? A Case Study of the Luanshya Copper Mine in Zambia